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“Understanding does not produce change but it is change that produces understanding, so thinking and doing the same thing and expecting different result could be called insanity. Instead we could change the way we think and speak and go forward using our emotion as a test to promote new more functional understandings for the present.”

Richard Bandler

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All the Magic happens on the Unconscious level of your Mind.

“There is a lot more happening outside of your awareness that you may be capable of even perceiving. There is more information being processed inside your brain than you’ve ever even realized.

The secret is to get into your unconscious so that it starts giving you the kind of experiences you want in your life, because you can shape the raw material inside your mind to create hell or heaven. Hypnosis can help you to change the less satisfying experience of life.


tower of cards, building foundations

Igor Ledochowski at

Because if you really understand and believe that everyone has an unconscious mind and this unconscious mind is constantly processing the external reality the best it can in order to create internal reality that the other person will confuse as something that is actually real, then you understand that this whole reality is like a house of carts created on a very delicate foundation. With Hypnosis you can get into that foundation and make changes using hypnotic inductions as a knock on the door and asking for a permission to go inside.

And when someone says ‘yes, let me show you what my inner world looks like, let me share what my inner thoughts that I’m not even aware of myself are shaped like and perhaps even help me to re-shape them to create a better richer and happier reality we as the Hypnotists can help…”

You can use the Power of Hypnosis as the Force for Good to enable yourself to reach inside your mind and find the solution that you didn’t know yet you actually have and feel really good about it…

… because we are imagination of ourselves and reality just depends on the level of our consciousness…

Imagination Image, imagination of ourselves

(Giuliana Conforto, PhD, Physicist, Italy)

‘LUH, MAN’S COSMIC GAME’: ‘Where are we from and where are we going to? The right question is not where, but when. We come from the future. The genetic message, DNA, which is transmitted by the Intelligent Force, Cosmic Life, generates our biological human body in the maternal uterus and also our invisible bodies. We are participating in a Cosmic Game, an interactive 4D movie or Matrix, playing characters who pretend to call it “reality”. This hypothesis is suggested in simple scientific terms and, surprisingly, fits holy texts, such as Bible and the Gospels, many ancient legends and myths. Human bodies might actually be biological robots, terminals of one Cosmic Memory or Crystal; although we can move and feel emotions, we don’t coincide with our eternal Selves who are outside the Crystal. Our challenge is now to become what we truly are: immortal protagonists of a Cosmic Game, seeking our own genetic evolution, the sixth sense: self-consciousness. Human origins, goals, life and death are also explained in simple scientific terms. When the matter becomes aware of itself the need for its physical expression will come to an end. LUH stands for the union between the theories of Lagrangian mechanics of time and Hamiltonian mechanics of rhythm where their union constitutes a Man.

Albert Einstein Image, problem solving

As there is no greater power than imagination… Imagination is more important than knowledge… Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere…

(Albert Einstein)

Werner Heisenberg Image, creating reality through observation

(Werner Heisenberg)

... because the observer simultaneously plays a part in creating the reality he is observing!

What you focus on becomes your reality, so having an intense day dream takes you in the direction towards a florid hallucination. External information picked up by our senses travels to the brain in the form of electrochemical signals which are interpreted by the brain as our internal reality. This internal landscape in your mind superimposed on the external landscape produces hallucination. It seems real but it isn’t. We live in the ocean of hallucinations of all kinds and each one of them seems accurate for us but it isn’t for others. We become immersed in the experience that has not been externally stimulated. The same goes for language.

There is more to language that words because language creates our own inner multi-sensory reality within the spectrum of time. And we can wonder how much more control over our life can give us living from the position of a Paradox, holding incompatible views simultaneously in our mind, while choosing how to interact the world knowing that we create our own possibilities through what and how we observe it, think about it and talk about it? And how much more could we determine what is possible for us in life with a help of imagination?

In any battle between the Imagination and the Will it is always the Imagination that Wins.

The willpower is the common delusion of force that runs counter to how we naturally think. Yet, we can build willpower indirectly by negotiating and working through the instinctual, lesser-evolved aspects of human nature, instead of thinking that we can simply force yourself to override them.

Most of our behaviours stem from emotional conditioning and biological impulses that have nothing to do with logical thinking, but are generated automatically and not through some deliberate choice.

As self-discipline seems to be elusive to many of us, we may interpret our lack of willpower as some personal fault or defect of character, rather than merely as a lack of knowledge about the dynamics of mind.

Such knowledge is needed to understand how we inhibit our creativity and create frustrations for ourselves instead of living fulfilled life.

You can do nothing with ‘will power’ unless your imagination agrees to permit it, or you can let your imagination believe that a good dose of ‘will power’ would be useful.

Imagine walking on a wooden plank placed on the ground and then walking on it again but this time the plank is suspended between two high buildings. The self-fulfilling prophecy will be apparent for most people.

Self Fulfilling Prophecy 1
Self Fulfilling Prophecy 2


Our unconscious mind is not capable of telling the difference between the real experience and the imagined one that probably seemed very real to you at a time. But we can use our imagination to reframe the same situation, the emotion attached to it would change automatically and we would thus enable ourselves to banish exaggerated and unreal fears.

Road to achievement of goals, direction, imaginative curiosity

We can persuade and lead your unconscious with your imaginative curiosity to have faith in your abilities to achieve the impossible.

Psychology Image, reality created by the observer

Our very personal reality is created through our own observations and from our own view point, sometimes it is shared with others, yet at other times it is not, because it is possible to see the obvious and see it differently.

We see, hear and feel what we internally and externally observe or focus on, because this kind of mental representation construed by ourselves becomes ‘an order’ for our unconscious mind to realise just that in our everyday experience, just that what we are focused on, just that what we want or don’t want to see, hear, feel alike. We get just that.

“It has been discovered that somehow we manage to program ourselves to be excellent at some things, mediocre or pretty awful at others. We create strategies and are quite expert at instantly recreating phobias, success and failure, as well as excellence.

Did you know that it is possible to find out how certain people are good at learning some things and how it is possible for them to do what it is that they have been doing successfully?

You too could gradually progress in your growing or totally transform your life, modelling these people with the help of your imagination.”

Shelly Rose Charvet, self programming for success.

Shelle Rose Charvet at

We also have ability to direct our physiological processes to a much greater degree than we think. Mind and Body together are involved in the process of thinking, constantly communicating and influencing the state of our health and success in life or lack of it. So, using the Whole Mind-Body

System, you can deal successfully with the many difficult issues that crop up in life.

Mind, body connection

An overview of the Creative Psychosocial Genomic Healing Experience (CPGHE)

Creative Psychosocial Genomic Healing Experience

Observing Consciousness

You need to be able to watch or be aware alertly and openly of your thoughts, emotions and moods in order to see them for what they are. The Oxford Dictionaries defines self-observation as: the objective observation of one's own attitudes, reactions or thought process. When Observing Consciousness is also observing external environment it triggers off mirror neurons to action.

Mirror Neurons

A mirror neuron is a neuron that fires both when an animal acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another. Thus, the neuron "mirrors" the behaviour of the other, as though the observer were itself acting. Such neurons have been directly observed in primate species. Mirror neurons transmit information for Genetic Expression, the synthesis of protein and non-protein genes that effects the Healing of Mind-Body System.

Genetic Expression

Genes are sub-units of DNA, the information database of a cell that is contained inside the cell nucleus. This DNA carries the genetic blueprint that is used to make all the proteins the cell needs. Every gene contains a particular set of instructions that code for a specific protein. The genetic code stored in DNA is "interpreted" by gene expression. The properties of the gene expression - Genotype, give rise to the organism's Phenotype - the set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment.

Brain Plasticity

You may have heard that the brain is plastic. As you know. the brain is not made of plastic…Neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity, refers to the brain's ability to CHANGE throughout life. The human brain has the amazing ability to reorganize itself by forming new connections between brain cells (neurons). DNA information is triggered off by the choice made by RNA as to which instructions are to be followed, thus resulting in mental and physical expression of the organism with emotions attached to it. When the brain re-organizes itself, it becomes capable of expanded awareness and expanded self-expression and expanded capacity for self-observation and external observation. The circle thus repeats itself in an upwards spiral motion.

With NLP and Trancework you can reap many benefits of your newly acquired confidence, having improved or completely transformed your way of interacting with the world.

And there is more to it…

Photo Scanning Technique Utilising Brain-Eye Neural Pathways For Fast Knowledge Acquisition

To be continued...