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Safe Techniques for People in a Hurry:

Continuing Professional Development:

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Accelerated Business and Academic Information Processing:

  • Remove unconscious blockades to your career and your success

  • Speed up your knowledge acquisition through photo-reading and activate your unconscious learning - Photo Scanning Utilising Brain-Eye Neural Pathways

  • Have more influence over your life by gaining control of your dreams

  • Solve your problems while you sleep

You can do Anything You Want with Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR and Human Givens:

  • Quit smoking and manage weight now

  • Get rid of unwanted habits and personal issues for ever

  • Clear limiting thoughts, phobias and anxieties

  • Blast through reactive depressions

  • Heal relationships with difficult people

  • Enjoy healthy self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Learn to self-regulate your emotions

  • Rewrite your personal history

  • Regain control over your life

  • Experience tranquillity and peace of mind


Two years ago my father stopped smoking after just one hour session with you, Lucy, and my mother did the same a year after... both haven't been smoking ever since.
Joanna - (Parents: Ex-Smokers)
… Thanks for the treatment, advice and tape. I passed my driving test! I really could not have done it without you!
Yemima - (Attention Deficit Disorder)
I almost cried just thinking about having to get on a plane before. This time I had the best flight ever. All fear has been replaced with enjoyment now.
Joanne - (Flying Phobia)
… I don’t think I could ever smoke again… Many thanks for your kind help. Best regards,
Chris - (Ex-Smoker)
Dear Lucy, I did it! Thank you for your help. Hopefully I can book another session soon, best wishes,
Lucy - (Presentation of Shakespeare's Love Sonnet at the wedding reception)
You were wonderful, Lucy, I haven't smoked a single cigarette since I saw you a year ago. Now I've come back to you to deal with anger management.
Fatima - (Ex-Smoker)
… I am finding all the techniques, as well as the hypnosis, have made a noticeable improvement and it's getting better all of the time. You have taught me a lot and it’s all making sense and sinking in. When I can sort out the physical problem (a NHS appointment finally came through!) I doubt I will suffer anything to do with the bowel problems that are to do with the mind. It is these problems that lead to the physical problem in the first place so in effect, I am all but cured for good, and I owe it to you! Thanks again!
James - (Diverticulitis)
Dear Lucy, I'm pleased to tell you that my wife Mary is still a non smoker. She's doing really well and seems to be determined to stay smoke free. I was asked today by a colleague who smokes how Mary was doing and when I explained the success story he was so impressed that I recommended you to him and gave him your website details. Thanks again.
Wasim - (Ex-Smoker)
Dear Lucy, I just wanted to say thank you for the last two sessions. They have transformed my life. I am seeing life without emotions dominating my thoughts. My mind is once again is very much open and hopefully this will inspire the creative side of me to prosper.
Mark - (Relationship Break-up)
Hi Lucy, Just a quick message to say thanks again for all the help, on the phone and the c.d's. Just wanted to let you know it's very much appreciated, not many good people and your one of the good ones, have a great weekend.
Lee - (Co-morbid Anxiety Depression)
Lucy, I am coping with the birds extremely well! I am hardly over counting! I have lost 2 1/2 stone in weight! Thank you so much, you are amazing!
Brenda - (Phobia, Weight Loss)