Human Givens

Human Givens are the Resources with which Nature endowed us to aid us in the fulfilment of our full potential.

All of us encounter obstacles at some point in our life and being interested in overcoming them is a good thing.

It's useful and it can be done in an easy way. And if you find yourself not really comfortable with how to make changes that would eliminate these obstacles now you can feel confident that when you've made them, you will look forward to the future, when you are able to look back with pleasure and realise how easy it was to have had made these changes all by yourself.

(John Overdurf, CAC, Julie Silverthorn, MS, Neuro - Energetics, PA)

We all have basic emotional needs for:

  • Security
  • Attention
  • Sense of autonomy and control
  • Being emotionally connected to others
  • Being a part of a wider community
  • Friendship and intimacy
  • Sense of status within social groupings
  • Sense of competence and achievement
  • Meaning and purpose

When some of these needs with strong values and deep beliefs attached to them remain unfulfilled or more important and urgent than others, these will influence how we attempt to get what we want in life and also if we at all can get to where we want to be.

The resources nature gave us to help us meet these needs, include:

  • Complex long term memory
  • Ability to build rapport
  • Conscious, rational mind
  • Observing self
  • Ability to 'know'
  • Ability to play and model success strategies

It is such needs and tools together that are the nature's genetic endowment to us.

(Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell, of The Human Givens)

So, we all have the resources for solving problems, achievement and changes within ourselves, yet often times we seem not to be in touch with them when there is a need for it. Here come natural trance states, also known as self-hypnotic states, which are a bridge between mind and body. They are here to help you to bridge that gap between the problem and resource states. So, if self-hypnosis is something that you'd like to learn easily you'll gain a valuable tool for your getting rid of what you don't want and getting what you really want in life instead.

The task of Therapeutic Consultant is to make the Clients' connection with their own hidden resources easy. You will gain new insights, understandings, beliefs, attitudes and skills to enable yourself to solve problems, self-regulate emotions and heal yourself at the same time.

Therapeutic Intervention aims at opening up of a space for increasing a number of personal choices in given situations, heightening of awareness and reduction of frustration around the issue which they thought was not possible to resolve. When we simply change how we use the language of our mind and our physiology, we change our reality and our experience of it.

(Michael Hall NLP UK)

Therapeutic Intervention aims at increasing choices, awareness and reduction of frustration around the issue which they thought was not possible to resolve.

(Michael Hall NLP UK)

And it is worth to remember that there is always more to it than we think there is… because you are always more than you think you are and even more than that… when you are… in the middle of… nowhere… you know where you are… going…

John Overdurf, CAC, Julie Silverthorn, MS, Neuro - Energetics, PA)