Hypnosis is a technique which yields reliable and predictable and specific results, used to induce trance for a real and lasting change that you may desire. Trance resembles a resting period occurring naturally every 90 to 120 minutes during the waking state in everyday life.

In the same way that you are in control of your daydreams you will be in control of the depth of your trance and the changes you’d be making.

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We experience trance state on and off in everyday life. Think about e.g. driving a car, reading a book, watching a film, being engaged in emotional conversation, ‘being in love’, ‘hating someone’, or simply ‘being lost in thought’. Sometimes we are even capable of doing extraordinary things in situations of danger, or great achievements in every area of our life while ‘being in a

zone’ state of consciousness. So, trance is an empowering state of deep concentration and focus. It’s an altered state of consciousness in which people are in control of doing things they would not be able to do in everyday state of awareness.

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At times a state of alert relaxation known as ‘Alpha state’, ‘Being in a High Zone’, or ‘Accelerated Learning state’ can be accessed through physiology and imagery. All you need to know is how to alter your own body’s physiological states and generate the intensely narrowed focus of attention on any internal or external stimulus.

If the state of alert relaxation happens to progress to a deeper trance state, ‘Theta state’, you’ll still be aware of your surroundings and please, do not expect to feel ‘hypnotised’,

because trance is a natural state of mind that we all experience many times during the day without even noticing it.

So, you can just go with a flow and playfully modify your current reality or completely change it, as you wish. Its new version will definitely be more satisfying to you than the one you upheld before. You can have fun doing it or you can be very serious about what you are doing and either is better.

As trance is a doorway to communication between your conscious and your unconscious mind, it links together mind and body. Your conscious mind is everything you are aware of right now and your unconscious mind is everything else. Your unconscious mind communicates with every cell of your body and your memories are stored in your DNA, which transfers information from one generation to another.

So, in a trance state you gain access to your long term unconscious memory store and to your innate higher intelligence.

You’ll make your unconscious learning change and healing easy. You’ll gain new insights and new understandings, which will be helpful in solving many problems. You’ll also enable yourself to maintain a balanced emotional self-regulation in the expanded state of awareness.

(Paul McKenna, UK, John Overdurf, CAC, Julie Silverthorn, MS, Neuro - Energetics, PA USA)

There are literally hundreds of ways the nervous system can respond to trance inducing stimulus. Your response will be determined by the state of your nervous system, the contents of your unconscious mind and your own personal predisposition. The change occurs regardless of how much unconscious material you are aware of. Just realise that whatever experience you are having, it is the exact experience your brain needs at that moment to make the changes it is making.

(Tad James, NLP, Hypnosis, Huna, Time Line, Hawaii USA)

Nobody can go into trance against their will, so if you choose not to be hypnotized,

you will not be. As this is a permissive state, having free will, you choose the level of the depth of trance all by yourself. In this way you’re in control of your own progress.

Finally, to achieve the results you want all you need to do is to settle back, relax and be comfortable while actively engaging in the process of change with an open mind and curiosity, taking a position of being at cause in your life, because you never know how far a change may go...

(John Overdurf, CAC, Julie Silverthorn, MS, Neuro - Energetics, PA)


No two hypnotherapists are the same! The results you get with one hypnotherapist may be very different from the results with another hypnotherapist. Broadly, the effectiveness of the hypnotherapy depends on:

  • Your rapport with the hypnotherapist
  • The expertise of the hypnotherapist and the techniques used
  • Your beliefs and expectations of the session(s)
  • Your motivation